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Capturing a digital image

January 19, 2009

Today we went through everything that happens when you take a digital picture (on a phone, camera, web cam etc).  We started by having a look two people  that came up with the all important device, a CCD (charge-coupled device, see wikipedia here for a good explanation).  You don’t need to remember who invented it, but you do need to know what a CCD does.  Hopefully the slide below goes some way to explaining that.



Authoring Software v.s. Presentation software

January 8, 2009



Today we tried to look at some examples of multimedia appplications created using authoring software.    Unfortunately they seemed to be a bit much for the network connection in school but you could have a look now if you are so inclined.  They were catapults, car maintenance, and furniture assembly.  The point about of all of them was that they are on the whole more complicated pieces of multimedia than you could create using presentation software (like Powerpoint).   


These are the notes from today.


Back to blogging…

January 7, 2009

This is my first post in ages, but I have to post as today I forced all of the higher class to set up their own blogs and write something about what we have been doing.  Which is …. multimedia

We had a quick look today at the difference between using a WYSIWYG editor and a text editor to make multimedia applications.   The reason the class created blogs was to try and demonstrate that WYSIWYG editors are easy to use and don’t require any prior knowledge of code, unlike typing in HTML into a text editor.  I am hoping the blogs will come in useful elsewhere too though….

Here are the notes the class received today.


Also, I had to clear up the fact that a common design process used for multimedia applications is known as a storyboard (a graphical representation of the layout of a multimedia application showing navigational links), as demonstrated here by this not particularly helpful, yogi bear episode storyboard.