WYSWIG v.s. Text Editors

I hope today you learned about the different between WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) applications and text editors. Both can be used to created a multimedia application of some sort (say a webpage).

WYSIWYG lets you see what you are making (as the user will see it) while you are making it. Microsoft Word could be thought of as a WYSIWYG appliacation beacuse you see the document as if it was printed while you are creating it.

Text Editors require you to type in code of some sort that will be turned into the final product at a later stage. If you good at HTML web programming you may find it more precise to create a webpage using a text editor.

Here is an example from Wikipedia (the text is in Latin and often used for checking the layout of a publication):


Of course the one on the left is WYSIWYG and the right a text editor.



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