Multimedia Application development process

We are back. And we have started Multimedia, hooray!

So today, apart from talking about pub quiz machines millionaire-machine.jpgand supermarket fruit and veg counters, we discussed what a multimedia applciation was and the processes that development teams go through when creating them.

The stages are the same as the software development stages but the details within each stage are different:

  • Analysis – looking at who will use the multimedia appliaction, how (touch screen?) and where
  • Design – likely to be done using a more visual method e.g. a storyboardstoryboard.gif
  • Implementation – choose between authoring software (powerful but difficult to learn) and presentation software (easy to learn but not powerful)
  • Testing – checking that the navigation system of your multimedia software work e.g. do all the links work?
  • Documentation – considering the use of a help page inside your multimedia application
  • Evaluation -consider wether or not your multimedia application is succesful, easy to use, well designed.


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