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Software Development Process – Analysis

October 29, 2007

Today we started looking at the theory of the second unit of Higher Computing, Software Development, and started the stages of the software development process. There are 7 stages the you need to remember:








The acrostic I offered to remember them by was:

A Dance In The Dark Every Monday

The one you guys came up with is unpublishable…

We also disucussed some of the people involved during analysis (client – who requests the software, Systems analyst – helps plan a piece of software based on the client’s needs), aswell as the document that is created then (the software specification).



Software Development Process – Design

October 29, 2007

Today we looked at the different methods that can be used to design your program. These include:

Flow Chart A representation of the program showing the direction in which a user can proceed

Block diagramA representation of the parts of the program in a diagram

Pseudocode A version of the program written not quite in progrmaming code but not quite in normal English either


A/B Test Questions

October 4, 2007

The A/B test is on Thursday and I think it would be useful to do some more real exam type question practice. So have a go a the following (submit your answers by clicking on the comment link):

14. Describe the stages of the fetch execute cycle.
Your answer should refer to appropriate buses and control lines.

(5 marks)

You might want to have a look at the diagram I used in the lesson when I taught this: