Utility Programs

Today we did utility programs. There are 4:

  1. Virus checker (think Peter Norton)
  2. Disk Editor (cleaning up things like downloaded internet pages )
  3. Recovery (we had a discussion about whether you would get a mark for calling this restore or not)
  4. Disk defragmenter (shown below)


Remember the key word about the defragmenter is contiguous. This describes how the files should be next to each other on your hard drive, which is basically what the defragmenter is trying to achieve. If you are looking for another mark then I said you could mention that defragmenting should increase system performance



One Response to “Utility Programs”

  1. bostin Says:

    Sometimes fragmented files are mistakenly referred to as ‘contagious’. but thats exactly what happens to them when the disease starts spreading on the drives. Running the utility programs mentioned can definitely keep the PC performing at its best.

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